Join friends Jen, Nicole, Steph, and Abby as they make their way through the iconic Nickelodeon cartoon that captivated them 15 years before.

Our Episodes

Each week we watch an episode of ATLA and discuss it. We’re in for the long haul.

Here are our latest episodes:

Damn, y'all, we are at the penultimate ep of Book Two!? Abby leads the convo around S01E19: The Guru, a fondly remembered episode that we find moves a little too fast. Especially with Aang having all these deep existential moments of reflection and Zuko embracing a robotic, toxic positivity that is creepy AF. Toph and Azula-as usual-are badasses, and is now really a good time for a tea break Katara? Let's discuss! [Pod Sing Se is a spoilery weekly Avatar: The Last Airbender rewatch podcast hosted by Jen, Steph, Abby, and Nicole. This episode was edited by Jen.] 
  1. Pod Sing Se #40: The Guru
  2. Pod Sing Se #39: The Earth King
  3. Pod Sing Se #38: Lake Laogai
  4. Pod Sing Se #37: Appa's Lost Days
  5. Pod Sing Se #36: The Tales of Ba Sing Se

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Art by series co-creator Bryan Konietzko

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Your Hosts, Team Tea Shop

We are four friends who met in their freshman year of college–right after ATLA had finished it’s first run on television–and it was one of several fandoms we bonded over.

Drawing by Nicole from 2012; L-R: Steph, Jen, Abby, Nicole

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