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Pod Sing Se #37: Appa's Lost Days Pod Sing Se: An Avatar The Last Airbender Podcast

Join us for S02E16: Appa's Lost Days, arguably THE saddest episode on the series. Jen leads our convo discussing the highs and lows of Appa's journey, including a very angry father at a circus, the morality of circuses existing at all, an epic clash between two badass all-women teams, baby Aang and Appa, and more! [Pod Sing Se is a spoilery weekly Avatar: The Last Airbender rewatch podcast hosted by Jen, Nicole, Steph, and Abby. This episode was edited by Jen.]
  1. Pod Sing Se #37: Appa's Lost Days
  2. Pod Sing Se #36: The Tales of Ba Sing Se
  3. Pod Sing Se #35: City of Walls and Secrets
  4. Pod Sing Se #34: The Drill
  5. Pod Sing Se Mini Episode #1: Avatar Studios

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