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Pod Sing Se #19: The Waterbending Master Pod Sing Se: An Avatar The Last Airbender Podcast

Welcome to our discussion of S01E18: The Waterbending Master. Stephanie and the gang have been looking forward to shit talking Paku since we began this podcast, and I’m happy to say we are here!!!!!!!!!! Join as as we shit talk the patriarchy, have a final hoorah for Zuko’s crew, shit talk Paku, praise and deconstruct Katara’s waterbending progress and fight with Paku, shit talk Paku, and more! [Pod Sing Se is a spoilery weekly Avatar: The Last Airbender rewatch podcast hosted by Jen, Nicole, Steph, and Abby. This episode was edited by Jen.]
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  4. Pod Sing Se #16: Bato of the Water Tribe
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