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We are back for Book Three!! Join us as Nicole leads the convo on S03E01: The Awakening. Let's discuss Aang and Zuko's continuing parallel story arcs, and how bad we feel for both of them. From Aang, ya know, dying, and then the weight of his perceived failure, and Roku casually dumping everything on him, and Zuko realizing that what we want isn't always what we need. We also discuss Katara's reuniting with her dad, which, as it goes, didn't go quite as expected.  [Pod Sing Se is a spoilery weekly Avatar: The Last Airbender rewatch podcast hosted by Jen, Abby, Nicole, and Steph. This episode was edited by Jen.]
  1. Pod Sing Se #42: The Awakening
  2. Pod Sing Se #41: The Crossroads of Destiny
  3. Pod Sing Se #40: The Guru
  4. Pod Sing Se #39: The Earth King
  5. Pod Sing Se #38: Lake Laogai

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