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Damn, y'all, we are at the penultimate ep of Book Two!? Abby leads the convo around S01E19: The Guru, a fondly remembered episode that we find moves a little too fast. Especially with Aang having all these deep existential moments of reflection and Zuko embracing a robotic, toxic positivity that is creepy AF. Toph and Azula-as usual-are badasses, and is now really a good time for a tea break Katara? Let's discuss! [Pod Sing Se is a spoilery weekly Avatar: The Last Airbender rewatch podcast hosted by Jen, Steph, Abby, and Nicole. This episode was edited by Jen.] 
  1. Pod Sing Se #40: The Guru
  2. Pod Sing Se #39: The Earth King
  3. Pod Sing Se #38: Lake Laogai
  4. Pod Sing Se #37: Appa's Lost Days
  5. Pod Sing Se #36: The Tales of Ba Sing Se

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