Pod Sing Se #4: The Southern Air Temple

Episode 4 of Pod Sing Se is out! We cover the S01E03: The Southern Air Temple, which has Abby leading our conversation. We talk about the harsh reality Aang learns about his home, people, and father-figure Monk Gyatso. We also meet our main season one villain Admiral Zhou (voiced by Lucious Malfoy actor Jason Isaacs), who manages to piss us off even more than Zuko, who we learn a bit of backstory about.

Also! In this episode we joke about Aang naming Momo ‘Momo’ while he’s eating a peach. ‘Momo’ actually means peach in Japanese! We never actually explain it! We all know varying degrees of Japanese (with Steph and Abby being particularly good at it).

Listen to Episode 4 Here!

Or find us on your podcasting platform of choice! We’re probably there! : D

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